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Cleaning Revere Ware

Recently we picked up an auction lot that was marked “Scrap Metal”.  I paid a dollar for it because I thought I saw some potential in some of the items in the lot.  We buy a lot of auction lots online and then go and pick them up a few days later.  I really love… Continue reading Cleaning Revere Ware

Kitchen · Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures #2

I will be glad when garage sale and flea market season starts again.  Another bust in the way of finding treasures this past weekend.  It’s so hard when we have had unusually warm weather off and on the past couple of weeks and then it gets cold and snowy on the weekends.  I have spring… Continue reading Tuesday’s Treasures #2

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Uranium Glass Surprise

Last summer, we started buying goods from online estate auctions.  All the bidding is done online and then when the auction is over, you can pick up the items in person a few days later.  Some companies are better than others.  Some just take a picture and don’t describe the items very well.  Others take… Continue reading Uranium Glass Surprise

Kitchen · Pyrex

Vintage Pyrex – The Beginning

In late July or early August of last year, I stopped at a garage sale of someone who was a former antique/vintage dealer and was selling off inventory from their shop.  At the time, I had just decided to get a booth at the Port City Co-op and hadn’t even set it up yet.  I… Continue reading Vintage Pyrex – The Beginning


Vintage Hamper & Canisters

One of my favorite places to shop in the whole world is called the Curator of Cool in Baldwinsville, NY.  She doesn’t keep regular store hours, but is available by appointment and is generally open most weekends.  We stop by there 2-3 times a month and buy something most every time.  I can’t believe how… Continue reading Vintage Hamper & Canisters