Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures #34

Good morning all!  I have just a few things to share with you today, but they are good ones.

Tuesday's Treasures #34 - VintageLiaison.com

I just can’t seem to get organized this month or even get the inspiration to decorate for the holidays.  Ideally, I would love to change out some of my collections at the beginning of December to more of a winter theme, with hints of Christmas.  In January, I can remove the Christmas themed decorations and leave up the winter items until March.  I’ve been struggling with too much inventory at the house, which is making it difficult to decorate.  I’ll keep plucking away, trying to reorganize everything, until I can get my living room back to being a living room.  Hopefully this will be a lesson not to buy too much this coming summer so I don’t go through this again next fall.

Anyway, I say that because my first treasures of the day are Christmas related and have already made it on the shelves in the living room.  Hopefully by the end of the week, I can get a few more Christmas things unpacked and pack away the vintage McCoy planters and flower frogs as you can see in the picture below.  I think I’ve given up trying to put up a tree this year.


I’ve been looking for a sweet reindeer just like this for a while now.  After having lunch yesterday, we came across an antique shop that is normally closed on Sundays, but is open on Sundays in December for the holiday shopping season.  We’ve been meaning to stop at this place for a while now, but it seems their hours and the hours we are in the area never coincide, so I was delighted that they were open yesterday.

This little shop was packed full of treasures with lots of vintage Christmas that I have a hard time finding.

Made in Japan in the 50s or 60s, this red velvet reindeer is about 11″ tall and probably stuffed with sawdust.  It was only marked $6, but they were having 20% off, so I got him for $4.80.  There is some damage to his eyes, but that was not an issue for me.  In perfect condition these go for $10-$15 each on eBay.  He will be so cute in my curio cabinet once I get more friends for him.


I’ve been wanting some vintage Putz houses and never seem to find them at estate sales in my area.  The price was right on these ranging from $4-$6 each with 20% off.  They all have some issues with the cellophane on the windows, but really, they are in good shape for being made of cardboard.  The mica glitter is in great shape. They look pretty good with the bottle brush trees I just acquired from Target at $3 each.

This next find Gary found at a recent picker sale.  We were picking up an auction we had won online and you could fill a box of books for $5 and a box of regular household items for $10.  He found this very old bible that was printed in 1869.


It’s quite small (about 5″ tall) and I believe it is made of leather with a brass clasp.  There are some small issues with the binding, but overall in excellent condition for it’s age.  About 98% of the pages look brand new and I don’t believe any are ripped out.  I don’t think I have ever held anything quite this old before.  I have no idea if it is worth $50 or $1,000, so more research is needed.  I have sent pictures to some people to see if they can help me get more information on it and it’s value.


I will most likely have to list this on eBay unless someone locally comes forward looking for a bible like this.  If you have any input, I would welcome the information.

Well that’s it for today.  I hope you all have a fabulous week!

Tuesday's Treasures #34 - VintageLiaison.com


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