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Plant Stand Make-Over

Plant Stand Dixie Belle Chalk Paint Make-Over -

I literally rescued this plant stand from the dumpster.  A neighbor was cleaning out his deceased mother’s house and had a bunch of plants on the lawn for free.  When I stopped to grab a few, he mentioned that I might like a plant stand that he had already put in the dumpster.  He dug it out for me and I promptly added it to my little green wagon full of plants.


It sat in my living room for a few months until I finally got around to painting it.  While others were shopping on Black Friday, I was sanding and painting this little cutie.  I think it’s made of pine, but it is quite sturdy and heavier than it looks.  Here is what I did to transform this plant stand with Dixie Belle Mineral Chalk Paint.

I started this project by lightly sanding the top and then cleaning the whole thing with soapy water.  After it dried I applied two coats of my favorite Dixie Belle color called ‘Vintage Duck Egg’.  I lightly sanded between coats for a  super smooth finish. If you don’t have a Dixie Belle retailer near you, you can purchase Dixie Belle paints here (contains affiliate link).


Since this stand would likely get wet during use, I decided to seal it with Dixie Belle’s Gator Hide, a water resistant sealer that is nearly indestructible.  I sanded the edges before sealing to give it an aged look.


This transformation only took an afternoon to complete and is ready for my booth at the Port City Co-op once the Christmas season is over (I have no room until then).

Tips for using Dixie Belle mineral chalk paint (contains affiliate links):

  1. Sanding is not required, but cleaning the piece thoroughly is highly recommended.  If soap and water is not sufficient, TSP is great for removing grease and grime.  Make sure you wear chemical resistant gloves like these.
  2. Always use a damp brush and dip the brush in water often during painting.  Any brush will do.  I use inexpensive chip brushes.
  3. Use thin coats of paint for best results.
  4. Sanding between coats is not required, but highly recommended.  I use a 220 or fine sanding sponge.  Extra fine is also available here.
  5. Dixie Belle Mineral Chalk Paints do not require sealing. If you don’t want to wax or seal the paint, allow it to cure for 30 days before use.

Plant Stand Dixie Belle Chalk Paint Make-Over -



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