Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures #32

Tuesday's Treasures #32 - Vintage Liaison

Last week I mentioned I got a bunch of Little Golden Books at an estate sale.  Most of them are reprints from the 1970s with a few from the 1980s thrown in for good measure.  All are in excellent condition and mostly valued at $3 with a few exceptions.  I paid $.70 each.


Hopefully some little kid will get to enjoy these this holiday season!


I forgot to post this one last week, but Gary stopped at a sale on his own one cold, rainy Sunday, when I just didn’t feel like going out, and returned with this cute “rack”.  I’m not really sure if it was made for magazines, newspapers or albums, but it is a nice sturdy piece and should sell quickly in our booth. Value: $15.

This past Saturday was the biggest fund-raising sale of the year at a local high school.  I went for the first time last year and was blown away at how much merchandise was available for purchase.  This year there didn’t seem to be as much vintage as in previous years, but we found a few neat things.

Hubby had the morning off, so he decided to go with me.  Boy, was he in for a surprise, or was it me?  When we got to the entrance, we went our separate ways and met up later when it was time to check out.  He told me that he didn’t find too much, and then he pulled out this Pyrex bowl from his bag.


This was a promotional item from late 1971 until 1972.  It was marketed as a salad bowl and came with a set of salad utensils.  It measures four quarts which is the same size as the largest bowl in all the Cinderella style bowl sets.  I’ve never seen this bowl in person before.  In fact, I didn’t even know this pattern existed.  Needless to say, I was super happy and am very lucky to have a husband like Gary.

While most promotional patterns do not have official names, this has become known as “Green Salad” or “Green Dot Squares”.  While I only officially collect “Spring Blossom Green” Pyrex, the colors match perfectly with the McDougall cabinet and matching table and chairs in our dining area, so I have decided to keep it for now.  The bowl is in pretty good shape.  It does have some utensil markings on the outside, but I am pretty sure a little Bar Keeper’s Friend and a Magic Eraser® will take care of those marks.

The first item I spotted when entering the sale was this surprisingly heavy gallon insulated jug with excellent graphics. There is some rust on the bottom, but the inside is nice and clean.  Cost: $5 Value: $20-$25

As I mentioned above, I collect Spring Blossom Green Pyrex.  I didn’t even know that Corelle came out with this coordinating pitcher until I got this home and took a closer look at it.  As you probably guessed, it is a keeper.  I paid $1 and found a value of $50 on replacements.com.  I know their pricing is outrageous.  If I were to try and sell this, I would value it at $15 in the shop.


I love cookie cutters and these are made by Stanley Home Products.  I paid $.25 for the lot of them.  Selling them individually could get $2 each, but selling them as a lot would probably fetch between $8-$10.


I told my husband to look for anything unusual as weird always sells.  I came across this spider paperweight while going around the room for the second time.  It measures about 7″ across and the spider itself is over 6″.  I have no idea what kind of spider this is or from what part of the world, but I would not want to come across this guy in a dark alley.  Cost: $2 Tentative Value: $10-$15.

We stopped at a nearby estate/moving sale after the school fundraiser and Gary spotted this super cool adjustable trivet for $1.  I would estimate the value at $10.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Tuesday’s Treasures.  Have a great week everyone!






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