Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures #31


This past Saturday morning I was aware of two church sales in the area.  One was near where I live and work and the other was clear across the other side of the city.  Though I had originally planned to go to both, I only ended up going to the one closest to me.  I had a lot of leaves I needed to try and get cleared up before the heavy rains started on Saturday night and we had purchased a Bagster® to help with some junk clean-up that I wanted to get filled so that it could get picked up this week. I’m glad I came home early and got all the clean up finished because we received a lot of rain between Saturday night and Monday afternoon.  I haven’t been able to get out to the rain gauge since the yard is so wet, but I would guess we got over 3″.  There was minor flooding in the yard Monday morning, which generally goes down pretty quickly once the rain stops.

After finding a few cute items at the church rummage sale, I was content to just go home since the other sale had a preview the night before.


Up first is this vintage bread box made by Pantry Queen.  It appears to have been repainted a while back and someone put these decals on the front and on one side.  It seems very solid and the knob works well with no dents or dings.


Personally, I think it looks great as is, but if someone wanted to remove the decals and repaint it to match their decor, that would be great also.  I paid $1 and feel it is valued at $10 (since it has been painted).


These sweet utility hot pads are so retro!  They are still in great condition with only a few minor scratches on the surface and corners.  I wonder if they could have been donated by the same person.  I paid $.50 for the pair and feel they are worth at least $5.


One of the main reasons I love church sales so much is because I can usually find a lot of vintage cookbooks and children’s books at reasonable prices.  I have been disappointed in the last couple of sales as they have not had either, but I found a few good ones this day.  I paid $.50 each.  The Magic with Leftovers book was a nice find and was published in 1955.  I feel the value is about $3 since the dust cover has some damage.  The Better Homes and Gardens Garden Book is in excellent shape and valued at $10.  The cookbook from the New York State Veterinary Medical Society is actually three cookbooks in one.  They previously published two other cookbooks and included all those recipes in with this book as well.  Value is $5.

Hubby had to work Saturday morning, so after lunch, we decided to stop at an estate sale that was winding down for the day.  I didn’t expect to find too much since there was only an hour and a half left in the sale, but we were surprised at all the items that were still available for sale.  Hubby found a level, antique clamp and folding ruler, which I never got photographed before he put them away, and I found a few smalls.  There was a lot of new merchandise at this sale, which I am definitely not interested in.

Does anyone remember the game Kismet?  This one is from 1975 and still has some of the original score cards as well as a bunch of new ones.  Though I remember playing Yahtzee and Triple Yahtzee the most, I am pretty sure we also had Kismet as a kid.

Kismet was created after Yahtzee, in 1964.  Playing the game is similar, however the dice are different colors so you can get bonus points based on the colors rolled.  For example: two pair same color, full house same color and a flush with all the same color dice.  I really enjoy playing games and wished that my husband and I would take more time to do so.  I really want to keep this game, but it is already priced and ready for the shop.  I hope some other young family will purchase it and have loads of fun.  Cost: $.70  Value: $10 (even more on eBay).

I found a few more items, which I will save for next week.  Thanks for visiting, sharing and liking my posts.  I really appreciate it.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!


One thought on “Tuesday’s Treasures #31

  1. Sounds like you did great for going to two sales! i love finding old cookbooks, too. That bread box is fabulous! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!
    xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home


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