Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures #30

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend.  We had absolutely gorgeous weather; sunny and mid 70s.  This is unheard of around here in mid-late October in central New York.  It’s raining this morning and much cooler, so I was glad we got to enjoy some nice weather before our typical autumn pattern took hold.


Yard sales and estate sales are few and far between these days, but I was able to hit a good one on my lunch hour Friday and a couple more on Sunday.


I love old metal plant stands!  This one was a bargain at $10.  I don’t find them that often with the top like this one.  It’s got just the right amount of chippiness, so I might just seal it instead of repainting it.  I also just might use it for a year or two before selling it….tee hee hee.  I feel it is valued at $20-$25.


I’m not sure if this jar is old, but it was only $3.  It’s quite large and perfect for storing cookies.  I’ll have to do a little more research to see what its value might be.


At the same sale, I spotted this McCoy planter.  I haven’t come across one like this before.  It was also $3. Value: $10-$15


On Sunday, we tried to stop at a good-looking sale, but they were not open.   In the meantime, we decided to go back to the sale that I went to on Friday and found a whole boat load of vintage food labels that I didn’t recall seeing on Friday.


There are 53 labels in all and they were only $5 for all of them.  There are a few duplicates, but not many, and all but two are in perfect condition.  The majority of these labels are larger and appropriate for wooden crates, so many of these may end up in a project.  If sold separately, they would probably fetch about $2 each.


The colors of these labels are simply beautiful, aren’t they?


We stopped at one more sale before ending our day early.  This sale seemed to be put on by dealers trying to reduce their inventory before winter.  The prices were good, but they didn’t have much that I was interested in.  I was attracted to this Coca Cola sign since I have quite a few Coca Cola collectibles in my booth right now.


This metal sign is quite heavy for its size, measuring about 11-1/4″ across.  It’s a replica for sure, but a nicely made one and I feel the value is between $15-$20.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Tuesday’s Treasures.  Have a great week!


3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Treasures #30

  1. I think the labels would also be lovely matted and mounted in thrifted (of course!) frames or decoupaged onto a tray. I have seen an old jar similar to yours for $20, a new one in a kitchen store for $10. They make awesome waterless snowglobes and are great for kitchen or craft supply storage! I wouold have paid $3 for one in a second! Nice finds!


  2. You really did get some great stuff! You know you’re dedicated when you go thrifting on your lunch hour:) I have a few yellow McCoy pieces as well. I’ll bet that Coca-Cola sign goes FAST. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm #106!
    xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home


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