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Dixie Belle Mannequin Makeover

Dixie Belle Mannequin Makeover

I discovered Dixie Belle Mineral Chalk Paint when a fellow vendor became a Dixie Belle retailer.  I must say, this paint is amazing!  It goes on smooth and dries pretty fast and you can paint nearly anything with it.  It’s thinner than most big box brands of chalk paint and therefore you use less, but get better coverage. You may recall some of my past projects using Dixie Belle Chalk Paint.   You can view them here.

I’ve been looking for a mannequin for years.  I always thought I would mosaic one for the garden.  But since starting our vintage resale business, I haven’t done any mosaics, much less gardening.  So then I started looking for a vintage dress form to put in the booth.  Authentic ones are quite expensive and I quickly ran out of space in our booth for something that would primarily be decorative and not for sale.  I figured I would just abandon the idea.  But then I came across this hanging half mannequin at an unexpected yard sale.  I was driving back from the shop and saw a sign for a barn sale, so I pulled in.  I never did see this alleged barn, but I did find this young lady that will be perfect to display the vintage aprons that I sell.  I’m also thinking of using her to display vintage handkerchiefs.  I hope to get her in the booth next week as I will be setting up my Christmas displays this weekend.


As you can see by her before picture, she was originally black and has some chips and dings.  All I did to prep the mannequin was to was her well with soapy water and then I wiped her down until dry.  I did not bother to sand away the chipped areas or try to fill them in, but you could certainly do that if you want a super smooth finish.


I chose the Dixie Belle paint color called Drop Cloth.  It’s exactly what you think it is.  A creamy bisque-like color that looks just like a canvas paint drop cloth.  Two coats was all that was needed to cover up the original black paint.  If I were painting furniture, I would lightly sand between coats, but I didn’t feel this was necessary for this project. I was tempted to stop here with just the coat of Drop Cloth, but I thought she needed a little more pizzazz.

As first, I was going to dry brush some Flamingo pink all over her, but was afraid that might be a little too drastic.  Then I saw the Copper Bronze Glaze on my work counter and new instantly that was the right thing to use.  The glaze will look a little different depending on the color that is underneath it.  In person, this has more of a pink shimmer to it since it is over a light colored paint.


It’s just enough of a change to give the mannequin some depth and a little shimmer of color.  These photos really don’t do it justice.  It’s such a pretty piece now.  I  almost hate to cover her up with aprons and hankies.


If you don’t have a Dixie Paint retailer near you, I’ve included some affiliate thinks below for your convenience.

Dixie Belle Mannequin Makeover


3 thoughts on “Dixie Belle Mannequin Makeover

  1. Nice to learn about the Dixie Belle paint. Have you named her? I have seen dress forms covered in black velvet (I’d use a stretchy kind and keep it simple) and covered with brooches/pins. I think some improbable pearls around her neck would be awesome! A vintage blouse and a cameo would be cool, too! Also great to drape silk scarves! That glaze jazzes her up perfectly–a touch of class!


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