Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures #28

Where did this weekend go?  Better yet, where did September go, for that matter?  I can’t believe it is October already.  We had a super busy weekend.  We were originally going out of town to stay a couple of nights in Warren County to experience The World’s Largest Garage Sale in Warrensburg, NY, but we just could not justify those days away from home when there was so much to be done.


We have had a super garage sale/estate sale season and have been buying like mad.  The end result – no room to store it all!  I was getting extremely frustrated with the overflow of boxes in our living room and just disgusted that I can’t even decorate for the season with so much stuff in the way.  I was just about to get a storage area just so I could regain my sanity, but storage prices are outrageous around here (they very well might be reasonable, but I am cheap, so….).  We found some lower rates in some more rural areas, but those were not convenient to home or the shop, so we decided against that for now.  We would like to build another shed on our property, but there is too much prep work that needs to be done before that can happen (drainage issues, moving some blueberry bushes and tearing down a lean-to on the back of hubby’s workshop).  That project will have to wait for another day (probably spring, at this point).

In the meantime, we took a few days off work and have been working hard to re-organize the current shed and workshop to make room for boxes of inventory.  In fact, we actually stayed home the entire day on Saturday and worked non-stop, with no distractions.  That is a miracle in itself.

Friday, I made a deal to expand our space at the Port City Co-op, so that we can have more inventory in the shop.  Luckily, a vendor was moving out on September 30th so I could move in on October 1st. On the way to make that deal, I stopped at three church rummage sales and stopped at another later that night.

I found a few spiral bound church/community cookbooks that I love so much, some vintage Pyrex (duplicates of what you have already seen over the past year) and some vintage saws for hubby.  Following are two of my favorite finds from this past Friday.


I was so happy to find this vintage Carrom Game Board from the 1950s.  It appears to be complete with all the little bowling pins, rings, dice, cue sticks and instruction booklet.  It also looks like it has rarely been used, which is such a shame.


The game board is two sided and plays 106 games!  That is amazing to me!  Hubby and I just might have to play a few before I put this in our booth to sell.  The best part is that I only paid $4 for it and feel it is valued at around $40.


I’ve found vintage shelves like this before, but none that had the words Blood Donor on the doors.  It’s in pretty good shape except for a little rust and paint loss on the bottom left corner. I’ve looked online and asked a lot of people, but have not come up with an answer on the age or value of this piece.  My first instinct is that this might have been a giveaway item to get people to donate blood, sponsored by the American Red Cross.  It doesn’t really make sense that it was used in a Red Cross office, since it says blood donor on it.  The blood donor appears to be factory applied paint and not a sticker. If you have any insight, I would love to hear from you.

Update:  I’ve been told that the Red Cross used to give out these “water decals” when you gave blood.  It makes sense to me that someone applied those decals to this cabinet.

I have a three shelf unit (without doors) on the wall in our bathroom that holds toilet paper with the same cutwork along the edge.  This would actually fit perfectly above the toilet.  I might have to enjoy it for a little while before selling it, don’t you think?


I hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of Tuesday’s Treasures.  Sorry it was so short on Treasures.  I hope to have more for you next week along with with some additional project posts in the near future.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Treasures #28

  1. Nice finds; I envy you all those church sales. So many churches around here (including mine!) are full of old people who don’t want to/can’t do all the lifting. Will have to wait for church bazaars’ white elephants tables.


  2. Wow, you really sound busy! I can relate on the space (or lack thereof) issue. I’m stocking an Etsy shop plus getting ready for our own garage sale (in order to get rid of our storage space we’ve been paying for for years!) Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm:) xoKathleen|Our Hopeful Home


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