Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures #27

Tuesday's Treasures #27 - www.VintageLiaison.com

We had a busy weekend!  How about you? Saturday morning I finished Phase II of my booth re-do in preparation for the holiday season. I had to bring in some more shelving units that I purchased at a yard sale so that I could have more product in my booth (and get it out of my house…LOL).  Here is a little peak at one side of my booth.  As you can see, most of the children’s books I’ve acquired this summer are now in the booth.


Sunday I decided to go back to two sales that I scored at on Friday and bought a ton more stuff at 50% off.  I was gitty with excitement until I realized I had nowhere to put it.  I ended up buying some Rubbermaid totes to help organize things.  That will be my project for this week along with pricing some more seasonal items for the booth.

Let’s get started with this week’s treasures!


I have been on a vintage pitcher kick the last few weeks and have found several at good prices.  The above pitchers were only $2 a piece and I feel they are valued between $8-$10 each.


I had a hard time photographing this shaker.  There are drink recipes all around it and drawings of hands holding a martini glass. I acquired it at a picker sale where you could fill a box for $20, so I would estimate that I paid about $.50 for this shaker.  Some of the fingernails seem a little faded, but it is still a cool piece.  I would estimate value between $6-$8.


Also acquired at the same picker sale was this shaker set, complete with strainer with a Bakelite handle.  The strainer alone is worth $15.  As a complete set, I would estimate the value at $25-$30 to the right buyer.


This adorable pink syrup/honey dispenser needs a little cleaning, but it was a bargain at $.99 at my local Goodwill store.  I usually find these with a plastic lid, but this one is metal.  I am not sure if that makes this older or newer.  The entire piece has some weight to it, which makes me think this is from the 40s or 50s.  I am going to price that at $10 and see how it goes.


This froggie cookie jar was made by Carlton in 1982.  Most of the ones I have found online have a red plastic lid, so not sure why this one has green lid similar to a mason jar.  I paid a dollar at a garage sale and feel it is valued at $20.


I’m not really a dog person, since I have never owned one, but these cute little dog planters were a steal at $3 a piece at a garage sale (that I ended up frequenting on three separate weekends).  There are no chips or cracks.  I am not sure of the maker, but feel the value is between $12-$15 a piece.


My final find of the day is this set of three canisters (missing the largest one).  I found them in the basement of an estate sale.  They were covered with grease, grime and nicotine stains.  You could hardly tell that they were yellow with all that stuff on them.  I almost didn’t buy them. I reluctantly paid $4 for the set.  When I got them home, I realized that the handles on the top were Bakelite, so that made me a little happier.  After cleaning them up, I feel the value is between $12-$15.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Tuesday’s Treasures.  Have a great week everyone and please don’t forget to Pin it!

Tuesday's Treasures #27 - www.VintageLiaison.com



5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Treasures #27

  1. Nice haul! Thanks for sharing. Your booth is looking great. You can’t sell it if it’s sitting at the house! Glad you’re getting it into the booth.


  2. Great finds. I have a syrup pitcher like yours with a red lid; I use it for a mix of cinnamon and sugar which I love on buttered toast and when I bake muffins. Your booth looks nice. We (the kids and I) used our MacDonald’s glasses and most got broken; miss them! My booth will get decorated with little cloth pumpkins I’ve been making this week.


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