Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures #25


So many wonderful treasures have been found over the past few weeks.  Here is a look at this week’s lovely items.


This adorable little owl creamer is part of a sugar and creamer set made by Betty Utley in 1973.  It appears to be in really good shape with no chips or cracks.  I have seen the set sell for $30.  Since this little owl does not have his mate, I believe it is valued between $8 – $10.  I paid $.99 at Goodwill and it has already sold for $9.00 at our Henrietta location.


I don’t normally buy Avon collectibles for our booth, but these little cutie caught my eye.  They are new in box and appear to have some age to them, but I haven’t been able to determine when these were made.  I paid $1.99 for the skunk named Sniffy and $2.99 for the Duck named Duster D. Duckling.  They are valued at $6 and $8 respectively.


On this same Goodwill shopping trip, I also found some lovely scented hostess/guest soaps.  Both would make lovely gifts, or would scent your lingerie drawer beautifully.  I paid $1.99 each and feel they are valued at $6 for each set.


This Androck sifter is in really beautiful shape and was acquired in a recent auction lot of vintage kitchen items. As the handle states, it has “3 screens” for sifting.  It works really well and is quite clean for its age, no rust at all. I really struggled to put this in our booth, but I can’t keep everything I find.  I value it at $10.

I took a chance on an auction lot of advertising tins.  There were around 25 pieces in this lot and I will be posting about them over the next few weeks.  Since we have bought so much in bulk lately, I don’t usually get to take a picture until I am ready to put it in one of our booths.


This Sentinel First Aid Kit was made for the military and still has some of the first aid items inside. I’ve seen other kits online that said Junior Ave and Family instead of Utility, but the majority I’ve found say Utility.  There are quite a few scratches but the color and graphics are still pretty good.  Value: $10


This Bugler tobacco looks like new.  Originally, there would have been a small tin of rolling papers inside, which unfortunately, I do not have.  Because of the excellent condition of this tin, I feel it is valued at $6.


These tins might be small, but they are mighty when it comes to graphics, especially the Beaver typewriter ribbon.  The Scotch tape tin is valued at $4 and the Beaver tin is valued at $7.


I love Ransburg canisters and own a red set as well as a red bread box, red recipe box, black paper towel holder and blue pitcher.

The photo above shows a complete set of canisters, a shaker and a matchbox holder.  I purchased these from an estate auction and the previous owner must have been using these right up until the end as there were small amounts of their contents inside.  I feel the canister set is worth between $40-$50.  The shaker is hard to find and is valued at $10 and the matchbox holder is valued at $15 and is also quite rare, at least in my neck of the woods.


Inside the sugar canister was a nice surprise! A vintage Androck 1/4 cup scoop with Bakelite handle!  This scoop is so divine I think I will have to hold on to it for a little while.  Value: $20-$30


I hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of Tuesday’s Treasures and I ask you to please share it with other like-minded folks or pin it on Pinterest.  Thank you!




6 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Treasures #25

  1. The canisters are awesome! I ran up on a whole lot (seriously 100s of boxes) of avon collectibles at a church yard sale this summer for about $2 a piece but having no idea what they were worth I passed… your finds are super cute!


  2. What a nice bunch of finds. Thanx for teaching me about Ransburg, a name I did not know yet. That scoop is great; I keep a plastic 1/2 c measuring cup in my sugar cannister as it saves SOOO much time when measuring. I have collected a few tins; they fit on one shelf; I would love more…there is only so much room for collections!


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