Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures #21

Tuesday's Treasures #21 from www.VintageLiaison.com

Recently we purchased five handmade cabinet doors from one of our favorite stores, Curator of Cool.  She must have had dozens of these at one time.  The above doors will receive a makeover that you will see in a later post.  We paid $15 for all five doors.

I recently purchased a box lot of linens and this Homeowners Crying Towel was one of the items in the box.  I had to laugh when I saw it, as it is so true.  Phrases like, “I’m a slave to this place” and “Only thirty more years and it’s all mine” are sure to resonate with many homeowners.  There are some issues with the graphics where it has been folded for many years, but all in all it is in good shape.  Value: $5-$8


This lovely small square table cloth is in near perfect condition and would be the right size for a square antique side table. Value: $10

While picking up some auction lots we purchased online, we are sometimes blessed with a Picker Sale at the time of pick-up.  I live for these Picker Sales!  Many times, they will allow you to fill a box for a certain amount of money.  On this day, it was $10 to fill a liquor box.  The rest of the items in this post are what we acquired at a recent Picker Sale.


Rolling pins are generally good sellers and the one above with the red handles has nice color.  Value: $10


I’m always excited when I find antique picture frames, and this one actually has a decent print inside of it.  After I got home, I noticed that the corners are all cracked and need repair, but after this is done, I value this frame at $20.


These oval melamine plates are marked Texas Ware on the bottom and are in good shape with only a few scratches.  They coordinate with the avocado Texas Ware bowls that I have, so I haven’t decided if I will sell them or not.  Value: $2.00 each


This 13″ oval serving platter matches some dishes I acquired earlier this summer in another auction lot.  I’ve decided to hold on to the dishes until I have more pieces, so this one will be added to that lot.  This pattern is called Swiss Alpine and was made by Marcrest, according to my research.  This pattern appears to have been produced in the early 1960s.  By itself, I believe the platter is worth $8.


I never pass up vintage Revere Ware and many times it is sold before it even makes it into my booth.  The 10″ frying pan is in excellent condition and just needed some minor cleaning to the copper bottom.  Value: $15

The small saucepan however has some major pitting in the bottom that I didn’t notice in my excitement of throwing it in the box.  No amount of cleaning I have tried has helped the discoloration.  As a last resort, I think I will try grinding the inside to remove the dark gray discoloration and smooth out the stainless steel.  If that doesn’t work, no big deal since I literally only paid pennies for it.  Check out his post on how to clean vintage Revere Ware.


My last find for today is this chip and dip set.  It is so hard to find these pieces with the metal bracket.  It’s unmarked, but I believe it is Fire King made by Anchor Hocking in the classic Rachael style.  It’s made of white milk glass and trimmed in 22K gold.  I believe it is from the mid-late 1950s. Prices are all over the place online, but I feel I can get $25 for it in one of our booths.

This week is the famous Bouckville Antique Week in Central New York.  We will be taking a few days off to attend, so I hope to have many more treasures to share with you in the coming weeks.

Thank you for visiting and happy junkin’!


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