Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures #18


I found these drawer pulls on a recent outing to one of our favorite antique malls.  These drawer pulls aren’t very old, but they will be great for future projects.  I paid $10 for the whole bag.




I love old jars and the one in the middle was only $4.  The shaker jar on the right was $2.50 and I will probably turn it into a fragrance diffuser.  I have another jadeite flower pot smaller than this one that I use to store ear plugs between uses.  I’m not sure what I will use this one for, but I currently have it near my sink.  I paid $5.  All three items will be in my personal collection, for now.


I jumped on these vintage Christmas ornaments when I saw they were only marked $5.


Made in West Germany, these are larger than the normal tear drop style ornaments that I typically find.  The pink color is also very desirable.  I feel I can easily get $15 for these once the holidays come around, providing I can part with them when the time comes.

Keeping with the Christmas theme, these little Santa planters(?) are unmarked.


The Santa on the right is quite heavy and might be a little older than the one on the left.  They would be cute as planters or for holding soap or sponges near the sink.  Since they are not marked, I am not sure of their age or what they are really worth, but as of now, I think I could get $5 a piece for them.  I paid $1 each at a yard sale on Friday.


Vintage graters sell really well for me in our booth at the Port City Co-op.  I found these two at the same sale as the vintage Santas, also for a $1 each.  I think I can get at least $8 each for them.

On Saturday we decided to stop at an estate sale while we were on our way home after a night away from home.  I really didn’t expect to find anything good, since it was late in the day, but hubby wanted to give it a shot.  I must admit, I am glad we stopped.  The person running the sale was already marking down prices even though the ad said that items would not be marked down until late the next day.


I picked up these 1930s Pyrex 4 oz. baby bottles that were marked $5 for 5 bottles (there were only four on the shelf, however).  When she saw me looking at them she said I could have them for $2.  Sold, I said!  They would be a great addition to any bottle collection and they would be so sweet on tables filled with baby’s breath for a baby shower.  I think I can get $5 for them in my booth in Oswego and possibly more than that in my new booth at Henrietta Mall Antiques.


You know I am a sucker for a good cook book.  I found these two in excellent condition.  The Complete Family Cookbook was published in 1970 by Curtin Productions, Inc. in New York City.  This book looks like it sat on the shelf all these years and never was really used.  The same goes for the Better Homes & Gardens New Cook Book Published in 1962.  I feel I can get $10 for The Complete Family Cookbook and $15 for the Better Homes & Gardens New Cook Book.  I paid $1 each.


I’ve never seen this Complete Family Sewing Book before.  It was also published by Curtin Productions, Inc. in 1972.  I paid $1 and feel I can get between $8-$10 for it.

In addition to these treasures I also found a large bolt of expensive upholstery fabric for $3 and an old scrabble game for $1, the pieces of which I will use for future projects.


But the best find of the day was this fantastic huge antique picture frame that measures 31.5″ W x 26.5″ H.  The painting has a large rip in the center of it.  I wasn’t able to find any signature. I was thinking of turning it into a chalkboard, but it might be too big.  Either way, the frame itself is in good condition for its age and I love the current off-white paint and patina.  Many a DIYer spend long hours trying to get this look.  I don’t think I will repaint this frame.


I paid $8 for this fantastic frame and should probably have someone look at it to see how much it is actually worth.  I think I could get between $50 and $75 for it though.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Tuesday’s Treasures.  I am already working on next week.








2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Treasures #18

  1. I’ve never seen baby bottles like that; great find! When you take the picture out of the frame, watch for a signature–what if it’s a treasur? I recently saw Christmas decorations cut out of paint by the number pictures! I’m sure it can be recycled-no, upcycled– for something! Maybe even create two 8×10 pictures?


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