Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures #17


I hope everyone is having a fantastic Independence Day!  This week’s edition of Tuesday’s Treasures is looking at some of the items we have purchased at auction.  We buy a lot of estate lots through online auctions and then pick them up a few days after the auction ends.  I really like buying this way as I feel like everyone gets a fair shot in purchasing the lots based on how much they are willing to spend.  Plus you don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn and wait in line.

You may recall that we recently purchased three huge car loads of merchandise and are still sorting and trying to figure out where to store it all.  Because I love hunting new treasures down, we have decided to open an additional booth in the next couple of weeks (more to come on that little adventure later, so stay tuned).

Last week I started going through one box of buttons that we picked up.  There are at least three more boxes of sewing items and I am sure there are buttons mixed in with those as well.  I will likely sell many of the buttons in jars and metal tins, but I will save some for adding to sewing baskets.  I thought that some of the buttons were Bakelite, but either they are not, or I haven’t found those yet.

I don’t know much about buttons, so I won’t be putting any values on these in this post.  I’m anticipating selling jars full of buttons from between $6-$12 and tins from between $6-$15.


I’m sure these buttons were quite lovely in their day, with their blue rhinestones and silver finish.  Several of the blue stones are missing, but they are still pretty and could be used for any number of projects.


The above buttons were all segregated in a little plastic tin.  They are all black plastic with clear “stones” in the center.  Some feel like plastic and some feel like they could be glass.


This tin is full!  These are mostly ordinary everyday buttons, but there are lots of colors and will look good in jars.

button4 I am pretty sure that the above “buttons” are upholstery tacks of some sort.  I think you are supposed to twist them into the upholstery to help hold down furniture scarves and such.  If anyone has any more info on these, please post a comment.  I welcome your knowledge and experience!


This little flower button in the center is a type of plastic and doesn’t appear to have any chips or cracks, although it is showing signs of wear along the edges.  This could have been the top button from a cardigan sweater or perhaps a shawl, don’t you think?  The button on the left is missing all its rhinestones, but has a steam punk kind of look and the bronze looking button on the right is much prettier than it photographs.


There are lots of buttons still on their cards.  I will likely sell these in bagged lots and perhaps add some to sewing baskets as well.

Mixed in with these sewing lots is this pretty compact that measures about 4″ across (I am going from memory, so don’t quote me on that).  It’s quite heavy and appears to be brass with some sort of back inlay.  There is a lot of wear to it, but would be so pretty cleaned up.  My research says that it is a Rex Fifth Avenue compact and worth at least $15 in its present condition.

One of the auctions we attended last week had a picker sale going on.  A box full of items only cost $15.  I think we had about 18 items in the box.  The vintage grater and silver-plate dish (above left) will likely end up in an upcycled project for Christmas.  The candle snuffer on the right is pretty lightweight, but the bell appears to be brass.  I feel it is worth between $2-$3.

I’ve had good luck selling silver-plate in our booth at the Port City Co-op even though many dealers can’t seem to sell theirs.  Mine probably sells because I price it so reasonably.  I generally get good pieces for less than a dollar, so I don’t mind selling them for a reasonable amount.  The covered serving dish on the left is marked Oneida and has a good weight to it.  I’m a little annoyed with myself because it is supposed to have a clear Pyrex casserole dish inside, but I left it behind because I didn’t realize they went together.  I actually have a lot of clear Pyrex right now (which is why I didn’t want to buy more), so I might have a casserole that will fit.  I’ll know better for next time.  I feel this is worth between $10-$12 even without the casserole inside.  The butter dish on the right is very lightweight with no markings so I don’t think it is very old.   There is a glass insert inside for the butter.  I think I can get $5 for it in my booth.


You’ve probably seen this one before as I acquired one earlier this summer, but this one has a much nicer box.  I’m going to ask $15 for it in our new booth.

The above 1950s shaker glass is missing its top, but the graphics are in excellent condition.  Complete it would sell between $15-$18, but I am going to ask $6 for it.


I was drawn to these quart size thermoses right away.  I think they will look nice displayed this winter in the booth.  The primarily black Aladdin thermos on the left is from the 1950s and has it’s original paper sleeve.  I think it is worth between $12-$15.  The Holiday thermos, which is the green and beige one on the right, is in decent shape with minor scratches.  I saw one listed for $40 on eBay, but I feel that is too high.  I think mine is worth about $12.  The two plaid ones in the back are more modern and probably only worth about $5 each.  I have a great Thermos brand picnic set that I haven’t shared yet as it needs some major cleaning.  I hope it is in good shape so I can display them all together.


My last find for today was a nice surprise.  This sweet twine tin is still full of twine and in pretty good shape.  I found one empty in an antique shop recently and they were asking nearly $30 for it.  I think that is a little steep.  I feel I can realistically get $15 for mine.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Tuesday’s Treasures.  I will have a furniture makeover for you later this week.  See you then.



2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Treasures #17

  1. A good way to cleanthe thermoses is to put some baking soda in them, then fill with boiling water. If they are really cruddy, try some Dip-Itif they still make it. Used to come in a green foil box; I think it was for cleaning coffee pots. Worked really well on my ex’ stainless steel thermos! Love the twine holder!


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