Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures #16

If you saw last weeks post, you may remember that I was taking a break for a few day days on going through all the items we got in the auctions we bought while on vacation.  I actually didn’t touch anything for a full week.  I did stop at a couple of sales on Saturday, so I do have a few items to share with you today.


This sale had a lot of Revere Ware in their photos and when I got there, it was all gone.  I was crushed because the remaining pan that was still there was only marked $.50.  I can’t imagine what the Revere Ware was marked.  This clock radio is modern, but it’s a 50s style and a gorgeous turquoise color.  The weird thing about it is that the clock works on an AA battery and the radio needs to be plugged in.  Both work great and I am undecided if I will sell it or not.  I only paid $1, and think it is worth between $10-$12.


At this same sale, I was excited to find a complete set of the 12 Days of Christmas glasses made by Indiana Glass.  They were even in their original box.  The reason I was so excited is because I passed on a set at a thrift store because they wanted a $1 each for them. I paid $3, with the box, and feel they are worth between $20-$25.


On the way home, I stopped at another sale that was not on my list.  They had a lot of cute things and I wanted to buy more, but couldn’t fit all of it in my car, so I settled on this incredible antique oak dresser that has already been stripped. The casters are missing, but there were some glass drawer pulls in a drawer.  It looks like whoever was going to refinish it had plugged some of the holes on each drawer so that they could use round glass knobs on the drawers instead of the traditional drawer pulls it originally had.

In another drawer are some wood pieces that came off the bottom, and I am guessing that there is a back splash that is also missing, but it looks good without it.  I can’t wait to finish restoring it and feel it will be worth $200 when I am done.  I paid $20.

This sewing box was one of the items in the huge auction lots we bought last week.  I plan on going through all the buttons from these lots over the next week, so I imagine the next post will be about buttons.  This box is in pretty decent shape.  All it needs is a good cleaning and a little Briwax and it will be good to go.  I plan on filling it with sewing supplies and will ask between $20-$30 for it depending on what I can fill it with.

Tuesday's Treasures #16 from www.VintageLiaison.com

See you next week for another addition of Tuesday’s Treasures.



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