Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures #14


I completely forgot that I hadn’t written this weeks edition of Tuesday’s Treasures.  I took care of all the photos this past week, and got them uploaded and I guess my brain thought I was done.  So here is a quick version of all the goodies we found last week.


This little enamelware stacked food storage carrier is supposed to have an aluminum handle that attaches to each side of the enamel handles so that you can carry them all together.  With the carrier, they go for about $30 on eBay.  I only paid $5 for these and they match my McDougall Cabinet perfectly.  I will likely use them for some sort of storage.

I love sewing stuff and this little box is a cutie.  It is fabric covered, but then there is a clear vinyl protective layer over the fabric.  It had some sewing supplies included, but I hope to add a bunch more. I paid $4 and once it is full, I hope to get $25-$30 for it.

We stumbled on an estate sale and it was half price day.  I couldn’t believe all the good stuff that was still left.  There was a box of 24 vintage books of the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, the Bobbsy Twins and Trixie Belden (who I had never heard of before).  I paid $12.50 for the box and I hope to get between $3-$5 per book.

Recipe boxes are generally good sellers and this one is a bit unique.  I don’t come across these double wide boxes very often.  I paid $3 for this one and will ask $12 in my booth.


This McCall’s Sewing Book from 1968 is in good shape and has everything you need to know about dressmaking, tailoring, mending, embroidering and a little home decorating, for good measure.  I paid $1 and will ask $8 for it in my booth.


I have a hard time passing up planters when I find them.  I paid $2 a piece.  The green planter on the right is a Haeger 4020 and the one on the left is unmarked.  I will ask $5 each.


I thought this basket with the natural vine handle was pretty cute and it is in excellent condition.  I paid $2 and will ask $8.


I just love this original 1959 Planter’s Peanuts magazine advertisement.  The labels below it are very vibrant and all have been mounted to foam board, ready for hanging or framing.  I paid $1 for the peanuts ad and $.50 each for the labels.  I will be asking $8 for the peanuts ad, $5 for the Blue Mountain label and $2.50 for the Pacific Pride label.

I’ve actually had this divided covered ceramic serving dish for a while.  I got it in an auction lot a while back and forgot about it.  There is a stamp on the bottom, but it is worn and I can’t make it out. I’m sure it wasn’t more than a couple of dollars , but I can’t find the paperwork for when I bought it. I am asking $12.

The item above is an antique bottle capper.  I know we have some vintage caps somewhere.  Once I find them, I will include them with the bottle capper and ask around $15.


This Hungarian pitcher is just gorgeous and looks like it was never used.  It was in another box lot of auction stuff and I think I only paid about $6 for the whole box.  I am going to ask $14 for this pitcher.


Vintage Revere Ware is pretty hot right now and it is getting harder to find.  I found this 4 quart model from the 1960s for a reasonable price and already sold it for $20.


These vintage metal storage shelves were probably designed for either a metal free-standing cabinet or possibly for your standard wooden kitchen cabinets. The legs are like a thick heavy gauge wire. The solid green ones have thinner legs, so they fold up under the shelf very easily.  The lighter colored shelf have thicker legs and they don’t seem to want to fold up for storage. They also expand in width, which makes them super handy for storing canned goods, spices or Pyrex.

I really don’t want to sell them, but I need to use them in our booth to help display other items, so I will probably put a ridiculous amount on them to discourage anyone from buying them…LOL.  I can’t find an immediate use for them at home, but as soon as I sell them, I would most definitely discover a use for them.  I paid $6 each and will price them at $18 each.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks edition of Tuesday’s Treasures.  Sorry it was rushed.  I generally like to have a little more research done before posting.  We plan on purchasing a bunch of auction lots this weekend (if all goes according to plan), so I hope to have another huge lot of treasures for you next week before starting to slow things down a bit.  I really need to get some upcycling projects done and I am thinking of doing a pop-up yard sale one day next week to help reduce some of our inventory.


If you are in the central New York area, I encourage you to follow our Facebook page.  I post photos of our booth at the Port City Co-op as well as specials and discounts we might be running.  We also will be setting up at various outdoor flea markets over the summer and you can see when and where on our Facebook page.



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