Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures #12

We had a fantastic time this past Saturday at the Oswego Downtown Market (although I got burnt to a crisp).  It’s always fun to talk to customers and fellow vendors and it is hard to pass up delicious food from a local food truck (Phat Kat was there and the tacos and nachos were great).  We also have added music this year, so it was a lot of fun…more like a festival than a flea market.  Unfortunately we were so busy with our own booth, that I didn’t get around to shop for myself.  I definitely need to make the time next time around.    Here is a link to June’s market (it is the third Saturday of the month from May thru September).  I am currently signed up for September, but might do July and/or August if it’s not too hot.

One of my favorite finds of the past few weeks has been this Samsonite travel case.  The tag said that it was 59 years old, and looks pretty darn good for its age.samsonite_case2

Unfortunately it doesn’t have a key, but the mirror is undamaged and the tray is also included.


After some minor cleaning with a Mr. Eraser sponge, I should be able to get at least $20 for it in our booth.  I paid $5.


I rarely pass up Hallmark ornaments as they are good sellers around the holidays.  This porcelain ornament was made in 2008 and doesn’t appear to have ever been taken out of the box until I looked at it.  I paid $1.50 and will be asking between $10-$12 for it in our booth later this year.


I just loved the swirled pattern and color for this ceramic Made in the USA vase.  There is some crazing on the inside, but the outside looks perfect…except for one minor thing, which I did not notice until after I got it home.  There is a tiny chip out of the lip on one side (you can barely make it out on the left side of the photo).  It really isn’t all that noticeable, but because of the flaw, I have decided to just add it to my personal collection for now.  I paid $3 with a value of about $5.


There was a box of children’s books marked 4 for $1, so I decided I would pick out a few.  Little Golden Books are generally good sellers and this one titled Garfield The Cat Show is in pretty good shape.  I paid $.25 and will ask $2.

Little Bear’s Friend is written by Else Holmelund Minarik and was published in 1960.  This hardcover is worth between $4-$6.

This 1939 edition of Mickey Never Fails goes for a wide range of prices on eBay ($2-$35).  This copy is in very good condition so I feel I can get $10 for it in our booth.  If it doesn’t sell quickly, I may put it on eBay

The 1961 Now We Are Six edition is also in great shape, and I feel I can get $5 for it in our booth.  I will be saving these books for the holiday season.


As you can see, I haven’t stopped buying community cookbooks.  These are my first cookbooks from a local fire department, however.  I paid $1 for the one on the left and $.50 for the one on the right.  I will be asking $2 and $1 respectively.


This Mirro Cooky-Pastry Press seems to be complete and it has extra discs with it as well.  Notice how they spelled cookie as “cooky”.  The box has definitely seen better days, but the press looks to be in very good, clean condition.  I paid $1 and will be asking between $10-$12 in our booth.

I was excited to find this collectible Monopoly game for Horse Lovers.  The tag said that it has never been played.  I was amazed when I saw these selling from between $12-$75 on eBay recently.  The majority of them are selling from between $40-$50.  I’m not sure I can get that in our booth, but I was thinking of pricing it at $40 and see what happens.  I can always put it on eBay.  I paid $5.


Tuesday's Treasures #12 - Check out this weeks fabulous estate sale finds!

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Tuesday’s Treasures.  Please check out some of my affiliate links below.


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