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Stand Mini-Makeover

Stand Mini-Makeover (Chalk Paint)

I purchased this stand recently from a fellow junk collector.  The top was stained a dark java color, but the wood did not take the stain evenly.  She had painted the legs white.


Most of the hard work, was done for me.  I didn’t have any java stain, but I did have a dark walnut, so I put a coat of that on the top to help even out the color.  It still wasn’t perfect, but luckily for me, I like things perfectly imperfect.  I decided to dry brush a little of the Dixie Belle Mineral Chalk Paint in Vintage Duck Egg on the top and I love how it turned out.  I sanded the edges and tried to soften the brush strokes a little.


You can still see some of the imperfections on the wood, but to me they just don’t matter and only adds charm to the piece.

Now onto the legs.  I thought the white was a little harsh, so I chose to paint those in a Dixie Belle Mineral Chalk Paint color called Burlap.  I think it is my new favorite tan color.  After that, I waxed everything and then used a little antiquing wax on the legs.


I don’t think these photos do it justice….I think it is much prettier in person.  I plan on taking it to the Oswego Outdoor Market tomorrow.


This is a perfect stand for a plant, don’t you think?  I hope it finds its new home this weekend.

Below are some affiliate links to some of the products I used for this project.   If you decide to make a purchase, I will receive a small commission that helps to offset the cost of hosting this site.  All opinions are my own.


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