Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures #11

I was a little under the weather this past week, which is why I did not publish a Tuesday’s Treasures, but I am back in the saddle again.  Friday I was in my glory because there was a community wide yard sale event in the town where I work.  I was able to hit six sales on my lunch hour and scored a lot of good stuff.  I’ll be breaking up those finds into two posts since we’ll be participating in the Oswego Downtown Market on Saturday and I will likely not have time to go to any sales, although I am sure I will be doing some shopping at the market myself.

First up is a great book called Flowering Plants of the World.  It’s a first American Edition published by Mayflower books in 1978.  It’s in great shape and I just love the colorful illustrations.  I paid $1 and will be asking $8 in our booth.

At the same sale I found this almost vintage Fisher-Price Crazy Camera from 1988.  It looks like it has hardly been used.  When you look through the camera, you can turn one lens to change the colors and turn the other lens to add funky patterns to your view.  I paid $6 and I think it is worth between $12-$16.  I will be saving it to put in our booth for the Christmas shopping season.


This clear refrigerator dish is in perfect condition.  I couldn’t find any markings, so I am not sure who made it or how old it is.  I paid $5 and will be asking $12 in our booth at the Port City Co-op.


The last item from this sale were these interesting trivia playing cards.  All the questions on the cards are related to the year 1953.  They would make a great gift for someone born in that year.  I don’t think they have ever been used.  I’m not sure when they were manufactured as I couldn’t find a copyright date.  I paid $1 and will be asking $5.

I don’t normally purchase tea cups and saucers, but this one was such a  pretty color I couldn’t resist.  Turns out it is Lefton China.  The woman I bought it from said that it was her Mother’s, so it must be quite old since she looked like she was in her 60s herself.  I paid $3 and will be asking $8 for the set.


I hope you enjoyed this addition of Tuesday’s Treasures.  I’ve included some affiliate links at the end of this post.  If you purchase anything after you have clicked through one of these links, I will be paid a small commission which helps to pay for the hosting fees of this website.

Tuesday's Treasures #11 - Check out my fabulous vintage finds for the week!

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