Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures #10

Last Friday I did so well finding unexpected treasures that I didn’t even bother going to any sales on Saturday.  We had to pick up some auction items Saturday morning anyway, so it was almost like we went out to a sale.

First up is a nice solid wood piano bench that I found at the Salvation Army for $7.99.  The bottom is missing, so Gary will need to replace that for me.  I will probably do something fun with the insides using colorful fabric.


I also got a small wood magazine rack for $4.99 and an antique sled with box for $17.99.  They were running a promotion, so I got $5 off my purchase.  Not too shabby.


The sled will need some minor repair work and I will paint up the rails like I did on the ones I refurbished last year (Find that post here).  Once the wood is oiled up, it will look like a whole new sled and I expect to be able to sell it for $60, even without any decorations inside the box.  I will be on the look-out for some fabulous vintage decorations for the inside.

Friday after work I stopped at a preview sale for a senior center in an upscale area.  The admission was $5 and you only had an hour to look around.  I don’t normally pay extra to preview sales like this, but I had heard that it was normally a good sale, so I thought I’d give it a shot since the weather was good.  I arrived 45 minutes early and people were already waiting in line.  I had planned on walking around the swan pond and maybe getting an ice cream cone while I waited, but I figured I’d better get in line instead.

They had two rooms this spring (they also host a sale in September).  I headed to the room with all the jewelry, smalls and kitchen stuff first, but I kind of wish I had headed to the furniture room first after I saw the pieces that sold before I got there.

The first thing I found was this cute little mid-century metal plant stand for $6.  I cleaned it up and put it in the booth for $12.  I decided not to paint it in case someone else would like to customize it themselves.


This adorable solid wood stand has a label on it showing it was made by Watkins Brothers in Manchester, CT.  I paid $12 for it.

The drawer needs some serious waxing as it is hard to open and even harder to close.  I haven’t decided yet if I will paint it or just rub some Briwax over it.  I’ll be sure to post updates on the project in a future post.

I also found this food mill for $2, a ceramic bird house for $3 and this lovely shelf for $3.


The shelf has been repaired and needs a little filler to make the repair look seamless.  I will probably chalk paint it before adding it to my booth at the Port City Co-op.

I also found a Pyrex 1-1/2 qt. oval casserole in the “Verde” pattern, a bunch of handmade doilies and some vintage fabric that will be great for recovering some stools I have.

This last item I am sharing today is kind of special, although to look at it, you would have no idea.  It was in an auction lot of wood items.  We bought these from an online auction service that we had never used before.  The lot contained step stools and coat hangers that looked like they were kids projects.  They were not good enough to salvage, so I just donated them (which is how I found the first three items from this post).

In the auction photo, all that was pictured was the back of the box, which has no name on it and it looked like a TV tray.  This goes to show that pictures are not good in every instance.  The foot stools in the lot were very small stools for children and not adult step stools, so the scale was all off in my mind.  This is actually a bed tray made in the 70s, and as you can see, not wood at all.


Apparently these Kartell trays go for a lot of money on eBay.  I’ve seen white and orange ones selling for between $75 and $149, so I really have no idea how much the red one would be worth.  All I know is that it was made in Italy.  I am going to hold on to it for a little while and see if I can come up with any more information on it before ultimately trying to sell this on eBay.

Tuesday's Treasures #10 - Check out my fabulous vintage finds for the week!

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