Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures #9

Sometimes you find great stuff when you least expect it.  Saturday morning I had planned on stopping at a few sales but ended up cleaning the front deck to get it ready for summer.  I had purchased some nylon drill brushes for my cordless drill to help me clean the composite decking.  It had gotten quite dirty over the winter and cleaning it by hand always results in scraped knuckles.  We can’t use a pressure washer because our water pressure is not strong enough.

By the time I was done with the deck, it was almost time for Gary to come home from work, so I got cleaned up and waited for him so we could grab a late lunch.  After lunch, we decided to hit two of the sales I never made it to that morning.

The first sale only had 30 minutes left before closing (on its second day), so it was nice to go in to an estate sale with no other customers.  The house was cute, with lots of built-in cubby holes to display vintage treasures.  In the first room was this lovely mirror for $5.  It’s heavier than it looks.


It needs a little cleaning and some touch-up stain.  I will probably ask $20 for it in my booth.

There was still a lot of collectible glassware and knick knacks and then I spotted a room full of books.  There wasn’t anything incredibly old, but I spotted those tell-tale plastic spiral spines that meant I’d found some community cookbooks. If you’ve read my posts lately, you know that they sell well for me, plus I just love them.  I hit the jackpot, finding 22 cookbooks for just $10.

Of particular interest were theses smaller booklets: Boilin’ ‘N Bakin’ ‘N Boogar Hollow, Hillybilly Cookin 2, Loretta Lynn Kitchens’ Recipes and two WFBL Cookbooks.




The WFBL Cookbooks have recipes from the radio stars of the 1940s.  Pretty cool.  I will probably price most of the spiral bound cookbooks at $1 with the booklets ranging in price from $3-$5 each.

There was another sale just down the street, so we stopped there as well.  The only thing I found were these cute Christmas playing cards for $1.


The suits in this deck are reindeer, snowmen, elves and Christmas trees.  They are dated 1986 and were made in Syracuse, NY, not far from were we live today.  I think they are just adorable.  I’m going to ask $8 for the deck this coming Christmas season.


On Sunday, we decided to take a drive to a friend’s house who was having a yard sale.  It was a gorgeous day, after several days of clouds and rain.  Diane has a booth in the same co-op as we do and owns Meant-To-Bee, so I was sure I’d find some wonderful items to add to my stash.  Among the treasures I found were bags of buttons, sewing needles, lace, a Scentsy warmer, some baseballs for Gary and the following items:


This little table is adorable and was only $6.00.  The vintage scale was $2.00.  I will touch up the stain and repaint the legs a different color.


I got the above wheels for $5.  The wooden one will be for a future project and the metal wheels may become a trellis for my garden.  I’ll be sure to share the final projects at a later date.

These next two items we picked up at an auction last week.  Though the beverage carafe and glasses were sold together, the patterns don’t match, so I don’t think they were meant to be a set, but they sure do look nice together.   The carafe is Pyrex and the glasses are unmarked.  I paid $16 for everything and will be asking $12 for the carafe and $18 for the glasses.  I just love these mid-century pieces, don’t you?


These Pyrex casseroles with lids are in great shape!  They are typically called “Pyrex Hostess Covered Casseroles”.   This large bowl was also sold with four matching square 12 oz. ramekin bowls, however they did not include a lid with this set.

The yellow casserole looks barely used, and the red only has a few minor scratches on the lid.  I got them for $13 and change and will be asking $18 each.  They are about 9″ square and measure 2-1/2 quarts.  If I had more room in my cabinet I would have kept the yellow one.


I have a few more items from the auction lots we picked up to share with you, but I will do that in a later post.  Hope you enjoyed my vintage finds for the week.

Tuesday's Treasures #9 - Check out my fabulous vintage finds for the week!

Following are affiliate links for some of my favorite things on Amazon.  If you make a purchase through one of these links, I will receive a small commission that helps to offset the cost to host this site.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Treasures #9

  1. Hi Dottie, you said you were going to touch up the mirror with stain. Have you discovered Howard’s Restor-a-Finish? It covers minor scratches and dings and leaves a nice finish on wood without much work; wipe it on, wipe it off. I love it–especially on thrifted frames that are always dinged. You can get it at antique places that sell it and some hardware stores. It comes in a rectangular metal can and comes in maple/pine, mahogany, walnut, etc.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kathy! Yes, I have heard of it, but I have not used it yet. I ended up touching up a few spots with a stain pen and then wiped the whole thing with Briwax. It looks like new once again. I am definitely going to try that Restore-A-Finish at some point, just haven’t yet. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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