Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures #8

Hello Friends!

We’ve bought a lot lately and I hope things will settle down soon so I can write more posts than just the Tuesday’s Treasures posts.  I have several pieces that need a complete restoration so that will be fun.  Although I am not a patient person, so I hope I have the patience to do it right and not rush it.

Some of the items we won at auction this week, are not really suited to this blog, so I didn’t take photos.  We found lots of items that would be perfect for camping or if you have a summer camp.  We will be selling those at the May City Market that Port City Co-op will be sponsoring.  Follow my Facebook page or the Port City Co-op page for more info on those markets this summer.  The first market will be Saturday, May 20th.

Below are the saws Gary picked up two weeks ago for $1 each.  At least two are Disston (update six of the eight are Disston).  All have nice handles, no breaks, cracks or missing studs.  Once we inspect the teeth, we might restore some of them for sale as is.  Otherwise these will be perfect for crafts projects.


I picked up, yet another, vanity stool/bench at an auction last week for $10.  They sell well for me, especially if I can keep the price below $20.  I paid a little more than usual for this one, but it was in pretty good shape.  I am going to try and clean up the fabric since it is such a pretty color.  If that doesn’t work, I might try chalk painting it.  And it that doesn’t work, I will just recover it.


I’m really excited about this View-Master Lighted Stereo Viewer and reels that we got at auction for $27.  This particular View-Master alone sell regularly on eBay for $50.  It works great and the boxes are in really good condition.  I’m not sure what all the reels are worth, but they seem to be selling on eBay from between $5 – $15 each depending on the subject matter.  Many of these sets have three reels per package and look like they were rarely used.  Among the reels are Julia (the TV show), Scooby Doo, Captain Kangaroo and Lucy and the Astronauts. There are also several with photos of Paris, San Francisco, London, New York, the Grand Canyon and more.  You can travel the world without even leaving your couch!  All in all there are 25 sets of reels.  I will put these in my booth this fall.  Vintage toys sold really well for me last Christmas, so I am hoping to stock up for this Christmas.

The last items for today are some original artwork by a local artist named Grant Dolge.  My husband actually waits on him once in a while where he works down in Tully, so he must still live in the area.  I know he lived in Manlius, NY for a while, but not sure where he lives now.

This first piece is a signed watercolor of bearded iris.


This second piece is a signed and numbered print of ships in a harbor.  I really didn’t know what to mark these since I couldn’t find a lot of pricing online, but I am asking $49 each.  I’ll let you know if they sell for that price.


I hope you enjoyed this edition of Tuesday’s Treasures.  Please take a look at the affiliate links below of some of my favorite things on Amazon.  If you happen to make a purchase, I will receive a small commission that helps to pay for the hosting fees for this website.

Tuesday's Treasures #8 - Check out my fabulous vintage finds for the week!


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