Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures #7

I was all excited for last weekends sales, and was disappointed at the quality of the merchandise and the prices.  Many of the sales were full blown retail and higher.  I don’t know if it’s because it is the beginning of the season, or what, but I wasn’t biting.  If there was something that I just couldn’t live without, that is one thing, but I didn’t have that feeling most of the day.

Tuesday's Treasures #7 - Check out my fabulous vintage finds for the week!

Saturday morning, hubby and I decided to split up.  I went east of the city and he went west of the city.  My first stop was to my former high school where they were having a huge rummage sale to benefit one of the sports teams.  I had heard great things about last year’s sale (which I did not attend) and decided to check it out.  Plus, I was excited to be visiting my high school for the first time since 1990 (did I just say that out loud)?

I have to admit, that when I pulled up to the school and was driving to the parking lot, I got a little emotional.  But after a few minutes of looking around, it didn’t even feel like my old school at all.  It has gotten so big, maybe 3-4 times its former size.  I used to worry I would get lost back then.  I can’t imagine the anxiety I would feel today.

Anyway, the sale was rather disappointing.  I got there 20 minutes early and there were probably 75-100 people in line before me.  It was cold and windy on top of that hill, so we were all a little miserable, to say the least.  Once inside, I scanned the tables to find the kitchen stuff and headed over.  When I was almost to the first table, where I spotted a couple of Pyrex Cinderella bowls, a little old lady bumped into me.  As we were saying “excuse me” to each other, I look up and see a guy grabbing the bowls and stuffing them in his bag.  Darn!  She must have been a plant, I tell you…LOL.

I did find this cute mirror that has the name Cromwell on the back, for $5.00.  It has a hanger on the back to be hung horizontally, but I think I will also add one so it can be hung vertically as well.


I’m going to chalk paint it, and add a new backing, as the kraft paper is torn off in many spots.  The mirror also needs to be reinforced, as some of the glue has come off and the mirror is lose in spots.  There are metal rosettes in each corner and I think they might be a good candidate for the new Dixie shine foil kit that I won from Meant to Bee, a vendor at Port City Co-op, where I have a booth.  We’ll see where the piece takes me when I get started.


This darling wooden accordion sewing basket was $3.00.  It would also be fantastic for jewelry.  I actually have a full size polish accordion basket that holds all my costume jewelry.  There is a little paint on one of the knobs.  Once that is cleaned up, I will shine it up with a little Briwax.  I haven’t seen another one like it online, but I think I will ask $15 for it.


I am a sucker for these community cookbooks and they sell well in my booth if I can keep the price under $2 a piece.  These cost me $.50 each, which is more than I usually pay, but it was for a good cause after all.  The smaller ones, I will ask $1.00 each, but the one on the right is about twice as thick as the others, so I will ask $2 for that one.


I loved reading the Nancy Drew mysteries when I was young, and I am sure I also read some of the Hardy Boy mysteries as well.  These books were bundled in groups of five for $1.00 each.  I thought that was an excellent price.  Most are reprints from the 1960s and 1970s.  I’ve seen them selling in antique shops for $5 a piece, but I will probably ask between $2-$3 each.

The Gypsy From Nowhere book on the top was bundled with the rest.  It’s going for $10 on eBay (although I didn’t see any being sold for that), but I will probably ask $3 in my booth.

After leaving the school sale, I stopped at three others and found nothing to buy.  I then called hubby to see how he was doing and he hadn’t found much either.  He did find a garden edging tool to replace our broken one for $3.00 and a bunch of hand saws for $1.00 a piece (I forgot to take a picture of those).  We will look through the saws and see if there are any of value, otherwise, I will likely paint these up for the Christmas holiday to be for sale in our booth.  You can see one that I made for myself here.

We decided to meet up at home.  Since it was still so early (10:30am), we then decided to take a drive to Canandaigua.  I found out they had a Habitat for Humanity reStore there and it is also the home of two of our favorite restaurants.  We made a few wrong turns trying to find the reStore, but finally found it.  The parking lot was packed, so we were expecting to find a lot of great stuff at great prices.  What we did find was a bunch of overpriced new furniture along with some household items that were priced higher than they should have been.  There really wasn’t a lot of old, reclaimed building supplies and what they did have was so overpriced, I was kind of disgusted.  I picked up a vintage metal rolling pin and they wanted $18 for it.  I don’t even see those prices on eBay.  I realize it is for charity, but I thought the prices were very unreasonable.  All over the store, there were signs that the prices were not negotiable.  I am sure I am not the only one who might think their prices are high.

By this time, it was past lunch time, so we headed on over to one of our absolute favorite places, The Office Restaurant.  The service is always outstanding and the food is wonderful.  Even the simplest foods something special and their deserts are divine!

After lunch, we stopped at one of our favorite antique malls in Farmington, which is only a few miles from uptown Canandaigua. Ontario Mall Antiques is in a huge building with rows and rows of cases, as well as lots of traditional booths.  If you decide to go there, expect to spend at least three hours your first time.  There is so much to see!  You will find mostly antique and vintage items with a few upcycled items thrown in for good measure.  We usually walk out with an armful of stuff, but the only thing we found was this unique watering can to add to my collection.


It is hammered copper and quite large.  It was marked $38, but that particular booth was offering 20% off, so in my hands it went.  I have a small “Gregorian” style copper watering can, but I’ve never seen one like this before.  I can’t wait to put it with my collection of mostly galvanized watering cans.  I will likely post a picture of those, later this summer.

Well, that’s it for my vintage finds this week.  Hope you enjoyed it and come back again soon to see what else I find.

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One thought on “Tuesday’s Treasures #7

  1. I’ve only been to a local ReStore 1x but found 3 Hazel Atlas glasses and 1/2-1 yard pieces of cloth for .29 each! They didn’t have the board I came in for…Those community cookbooks are loaded with great recipes caz the ladies ALWAYS gave their BEST recipes to go into print! Love them.


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