Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures #6

Tuesday's Treasures #6 - Check out my fabulous vintage finds for the week!

Finally!  Estate Sale Season has officially begun.  While there have been a few sales scattered around over the past few months, they significantly increased this past weekend.  Unfortunately, I had a hair appointment scheduled for first thing Saturday morning, so I missed out on a few items that I was interested in, but that’s OK.  I’m trying to work through the anxiety I am feeling when I know I can’t be first in line.  I am still new at this and unsure of myself.  I worry that I am overpaying, or missing out on something really cool.  I’ve got to remember that I started this because it was fun and make sure I keep it that way.

One of our favorite stores also re-opened on Saturday, so we had to take a drive and visit several stores along that route.  It was a gorgeous day on Sunday, and perfect for a leisurely road trip.  Following are photos of what we found.

After my hair appointment, I stopped at a church rummage sale where I found the Pyrex split casserole for $2 (worth $6-$8) and two really nice wooden frames for a $1 each.  Afterwards I stopped at an estate sale and found the Green Floraline planter for $2 and three pie plates for $1.  I am going to ask $8 for the planter and will use the pie plates for an upcoming project.


I have several Ransburg pieces in my personal collection and I just had to have this paper towel holder ($15) and wax paper holder ($10).  The paper towel holder is currently selling for $50+ on ebay. The black will look fabulous next to the red walls of my kitchen.  I might glue some strong magnets to the back so that I can hang them on the side of my fridge, as I don’t want to put any more holes in my kitchen walls.

I am a sucker for a bread box and the one above was calling my name.  It’s made in China, so I don’t think it is too old, but I love it.  I rarely store bread in my bread boxes (they make such good storage containers), but this one might actually end of holding bread depending on where I decide to put it.  I paid $14.

I collect enamelware and this loaf pan is almost the same color as my kitchen.  I always say that it’s red, but in actuality it’s an orange-red (it’s called “Flaming Embers”).  I will display this on my dining area wall to help draw that color to the other side of the room.  I paid $8 but am seeing them being sold on ebay for $20+.  If anyone knows who the maker is on the back of this pan, I’d love to know.

I found some more pie plates for projects.  I paid between $1-$2 each.  The pan in the bottom right corner is interesting though and might end up in my personal collection.  It says “Mrs. Robbinson’s Fine Restaurant Pies and is selling on ebay for $6+ (I paid $1.05).  I paid $3.33 for both of the muffin tins and they will also be for a Christmas project.


This rolling pin is in great shape.  I paid $5 and will ask between $10-$12 (If I don’t decide to keep it…it matches my McDougall baker’s cabinet and kitchen dining set after all).  The enamelware bowl was $2 and will likely end up in a project.

The Art Deco McCoy Pink Vase was a nice surprise at only $5.  It doesn’t appear to have any chips or cracks.  I am going to ask $18 for it in my booth at the Port City Co-op.  The Green Art Deco Vase has no markings on the bottom and only cost me $8 (selling on ebay for $15 with freight).  It will go in my personal collection.

I hope you enjoyed my shopping trip, I know I did.  This coming weekend I hope to find more items to actually sell in our booth.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Treasures #6

  1. I’ve just started reading your blog; would love to see a picture of your kitchen. I envy you your Hoosier cupboard. I need to reorganize the clutter in my kitchen/dining area and I debate between another china cupboard and a Hoosier type cabinet. Enjoyed seeing your treasures.


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