Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures #3

The thrift shops in our area have been very disappointing this winter, but I had some success over the past week.  Please excuse the short post today, as I am currently working on some big changes for our booth at the Port City Co-op in Oswego, NY, which I will announce later this month.  I also hope to have a couple of furniture re-do posts in the next few days.

I found these next items at a Salvation Army.  These stores seem to go through cycles when you find great stuff consistently for a month or so and then you don’t find anything for months on end.  I had stopped going to this particular store for that reason, but was bored while on my lunch hour from work and decided to pop in for something to do.

This metal and plastic crate was $2.99 and I think it’s worth between $10-$12.


I’ve been on the hunt for wooden pictures frames and I found three this trip.  The two larger frames were $1.99 each and the small frame, which is solid maple, was only $.79.  They will get a new paint job before going in our booth (photos to follow at a later date).


Before heading to the shop on Saturday morning, I decided to stop at a Thrifty Shopper since I had some items that needed to be donated anyway.  I scored some more frames.


Two of these pictures were $1.99 and one was $.99.  All will get a paint job and new insides, except for the one with the doily.


This split serving/candy dish is darling with it’s little blue flowers.  There is no maker on the bottom, but has the look and feel of a mid-century piece.  I paid $3.99 and think it is worth between $8-$10.

I also found these adorable plates with turquoise blue puffy flowers on them.  There is a mark on the bottom of each dish, but I can’t make out who the manufacturer is.  All I can tell is that they are “Oven Proof”.  I will have to get out the magnifying glass and see if that will help.  I paid $.99 each and think they are worth at least $3 each.


It was so cold here this past weekend.  In fact it was the coldest we have been all season with lows near 0 degrees F on Sunday morning.  It was supposed to warm up to the mid 30s, but that didn’t happen, so we decided to check out one of our favorite flea markets while we were waiting for the temperatures to warm up (we had to work on some displays for our booth and had to do it outside).  After the flea market, we stopped at the Goodwill store before getting a quick bite to eat, and found this cute little “finger” bowl.  It looked awfully familiar to me, and it took me until we got home before I realized I had just bought matching plates the day before…LOL.


There is no maker on the bottom of this bowl, but the pattern is the same, so I don’t know if they were made to go together or not.  My online searches have come up empty.  I think it would be a perfect bowl for holding your rings at the sink as it is only about 3″ wide.  I paid $.99 and will try to sell it for $2.50.

I guess my post wasn’t as short as I thought it would be.  I like to include some research with my finds, but don’t have much to offer today.

Below are some of my favorite things on Amazon (contains affiliate links which help pay for the hosting fees for this site).  Thank you for visiting!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Treasures #3

  1. I had a metal milk crate in college that I housed my record albums in with a pillow on top for added seating! Those were the days (’69-’73)! I love picture frames, too and often revive them with a coat of Howard’s Restor-a-Finish as it covers scratches and little dings! Some things I DON’T like distresssed!


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