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Cleaning Pyrex

I was hoping to have an in-depth blog post about cleaning Pyrex, but this piece was pretty easy to clean up.  I’m sure I will be able to post more photos in the future.

This particular piece of Pyrex only had a few grey fork marks and some dark marks from cooked on foods and cooking sprays.


My process for cleaning Pyrex is basically the same, depending on how dirty it is.  I always start with the least damaging method and then work up to more aggressive methods if the easiest doesn’t work first.


Step 1.  Soak the Pyrex in hot soapy water for 10-15 minutes.  I like to use Dawn because it is an excellent degreaser.

Step 2. Take a damp Magic Eraser and rub all the dirty areas until they come clean.

Step 3.  If the Pyrex still has dirty marks, take a little Bar Keepers Friend® and put it on a damp sponge and rub lightly on dirty spots in a circular motion.  Using too much or rubbing too hard might dull the colored finish on Pyrex, but so far I have not had a problem with this happening to me.

Step 4.  Rinse Pyrex well with warm water and make sure there is no residue left from the Bar Keepers Friend®.

Step 5.  Dry Pyrex well with a soft cloth.

For this piece all I needed to do was use the Magic Eraser to clean all the dirty parts.  It even removes the faint grey marks from utensils.



Magic Erasers are amazing, aren’t they?  They are simply the greatest cleaning tool in my arsenal, at the moment.


I had a hard time finding Bar Keepers Friend® locally.  It should be in the kitchen cleaning department near the Comet.  I’ve included some affiliate links to help you out if you can’t find it locally, or just don’t like to go shopping, like me.

Here are some products I used for this project (contains affiliate links).


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