Furniture Rehab

Round Table Make-Over

I purchased this little occasional table at a yard sale for $5.00 last summer.  It was a little rickety, but I thought it had potential.  I took off the pedestal legs and added a little wood glue and that helped a lot to make it feel more sturdy.  The top was very worn, so I sanded that and decided to just chalk paint the sides of the top and legs.  Here’s what it looked like before.


I believe this table is cherry wood, so I decided to stain the top cherry and chalk paint a stencil in the center of the top.


I chose Folk Art chalk paint in “Sheepskin” for the base and sides.  It seemed a little too white to me, so after it was waxed, I rubbed on some antiquing wax to darken it up a bit.


I decided to leave the feet in their natural state as I like their patina.   As soon as I get some room in our booth at the Port City Co-op, I will take it in.  I will probably put a price on it in the $30-$35 range.  I’d love to hear what you think about this table.  I’m still pretty new at painting and refinishing furniture.

Below are some affiliate links for products I used for this project.


One thought on “Round Table Make-Over

  1. You did a lovely job and that stencil is just waiting for an item to be set off by it whether it is a lamp or candy dish or flower arrangement.


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