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Vintage Pyrex – The Beginning


In late July or early August of last year, I stopped at a garage sale of someone who was a former antique/vintage dealer and was selling off inventory from their shop.  At the time, I had just decided to get a booth at the Port City Co-op and hadn’t even set it up yet.  I couldn’t believe my luck.  This is also the same sale that started my Pyrex collection.  Looking back, I am sure there were more items that I could have purchased, but I just didn’t know what some things were worth or what I could get for those items in my area.  I’ve learned a lot in six months and still have tons to learn.

The above split casserole was a promotional item released in the spring of 1959, most likely promoted as a good Mother’s Day gift or wedding gift for the modern bride.  The pattern is called Dandelion Duet, although I don’t think this is an official pattern name, as only the term “Duet Casserole” was ever on the box.  This pattern has also been referred to as a thistle pattern, but dandelion seems more prevalent across the web.

The original 1-1/2 quart casserole came with a split lid and a cradle with two candle holders.  The casserole is a lovely cream color with gold dandelions.  I don’t think that any photo could do this justice.  I paid $6 for this casserole w/lid and at the time I thought it was a lot but then when I got home and searched on Etsy, it can go for as much as  $45 + shipping and on eBay for $16 + shipping without the cradle and candle holders.  Realistically, this seems to sell for about $25-$28, including shipping, on a regular basis.  If I decide to sell it, I’m sure I can make money on it.


I ended up buying all the Pyrex that was at this sale, including four Cinderella mixing bowls in various sizes in the Spring Blossom Green pattern (two from 1972 and two of the redesigns from 1979).  They ranged in price from $4 each to $2 each. I’ve kept the ones from 1972 and have decided to sell the ones from 1979 since I don’t have a lot of room for both releases.  Included in my haul was the 2-1/2 quart casserole with original box that is shown above.  The box is in rough shape, but I knew this piece was something special even though at the time I knew zero about vintage Pyrex. I paid $8 for this casserole.  Prices are all over the map on eBay and Etsy depending on the time of year.  If I were to sell this, I think I could get between $30-$40 for it.

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