Vintage Bread Boxes


I’ve been really bad about taking pictures of my vintage finds.  Here are some bread boxes I’ve acquired over the past couple of years.

Above is a super cute bread box that has a hinged top.  The avocado green coordinates well with the green of my vintage Pyrex.  I seem to have a thing for bread boxes.  I have three in the kitchen now and one Czechoslovakian bread box that looks like a tool box that I use in the craft room.  I found this one for only $12 at Hunter’s Treasures in West Monroe this past fall.  They have over 70 vendors there and are open all winter (somewhat of a rarity in these parts).  We went to this place once a couple of years ago when it was a different name and were not impressed, but apparently they have new owners now and much better quality merchandise at pretty reasonable prices.  We will definitely be back soon.

I am using this bread box to store breakfast bars, granola bars, fiber bars, etc.  I go back and forth with myself on whether I will buy the bars or make them.  When things get busy, buying is easier and I try to buy more organic varieties, but when the mood strikes, I do make them and this will be a good place to store the ones that don’t need refrigeration, or any other snacks that you want to hide from yourself…LOL.  I use the flour bin in my McDougall hoosier style cabinet to store bags of chips and popcorn.

Though our kitchen has a decent amount of cabinets for it’s size, it’s not enough for all my kitchen goodies.  There are only three small drawers, so anything I can add for storage is very helpful in keeping the clutter off the counters.


The Ransburg bread box above was my first bread box acquisition and for the life of me, I cannot remember where I got it.  I bought this before I decided to paint the kitchen the same color.  I wish now, it had been a different color, so it would contrast better, but that’s OK.  If I ever find another one in white or yellow, I can always sell this one.  I love the fact that it has two separate compartments.  I use the top one for knives as there really wasn’t any room in any of the three drawers in the kitchen.  They all have plastic sheaths to protect the blades, so it’s safe.  In the bottom I store all my breakfast and bedtime tea bags.  I keep it to the left of my stove and have my upcycled soda crate spice rack on top.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bread box above.  It’s large size of 13″ tall x 14″ deep x 15″ wide makes it pretty versatile in the kitchen.  It once had a metal or wire rack in the middle, but that is missing, so it’s the perfect size to store my food processor and emulsion blender.  I use them both much more now that they are easier to get to.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my bread box collection. Maybe it will give you some storage ideas of your own.

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One thought on “Vintage Bread Boxes

  1. I love yhour alternative uses for your bread boxes. My roll top wooden one houses my jars of instant coffee, artificial sugar, and teabags with spices I use regularly on top. As a dollhouse/miniature lover, I love them for kitchen room boxes, especially rolltops or the ones that the front lays down with a breadboard for an extra large scene


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