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Vintage Christmas Gifts


A few months back I posted about how my husband and I could only buy used and/or vintage items for each other for Christmas.  What great fun!  I found lots of vintage farm signs, vintage tools with advertising for hubby as well as the complete set of Night Cry magazine.  Night Cry was a digest series of horror stories that were once published in the Twilight Zone magazine.  I had to find them one at a time, but I did it! Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of his signs because he has packed them away already waiting to be put up around our property in the spring, so I will have to post pictures of those then.

Above is a cute set of plastic canisters and matching napkin holder.  It was still wrapped in its original plastic when he gave it to me.  There are also a few small plastic food containers included as well.  These coordinate well with our red kitchen and the Spring Blossom Green Pyrex pattern I recently started collecting.


Above is a Pyrex refrigerator set in Spring Blossom Green and below is a complete set of baking dishes that includes the lasagna pan, bread pan and brownie pan.


I didn’t know what to do because this set still had the original unopened box.  But since, I really want to use all these items in the kitchen, I decided to carefully open the box.  I saved it of course.

Gary also gave me a lovely vintage “snowflake” garnet necklace and ring (garnet is my birthstone).  In my stocking was also a very useful magnifying glass that not only has LED lighting, but a little black light as well.  That is really going to come in handy out in the field at estate sales and dark barn sales, don’t you think?  It already earned its keep by proving that a green depression glass piece I recently acquired is indeed uranium glass (more on that later).

All in all, I think this was the best gift giving season yet!  I had as much fun hunting for gifts as I did receiving them.  Maybe I can get my family on board with this next year.

Below are affiliate links for some of my favorite products for cleaning and restoring Pyrex.


One thought on “Vintage Christmas Gifts

  1. I always point out treasures to my significant other when we are thrifting/antiquing! I KNOW I am getting a biscuit jar with my pink roses on it for my Sept. birthday. Heck, I might as well get something that I want, right?! I love old dishes with pink roses. Blue cobalt glass, milk glass…And then when I see it for more money, I point that out to him so he knows how well he did!


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