Brothel Tokens

I just wanted to quickly share one of the things that Gary gave me for my birthday yesterday.  We both can have a pretty warped sense of humor at times and it has been fun looking for unusual gifts for each other, especially since we decided this past Christmas that we couldn’t buy anything new for each other as a present.

This little gem was wrapped up in a jewelry box.  I am not a big jewelry person, so I wasn’t sure what this could be.  I did go through a phase when I was collecting Pandora charms, but I have a hard time wearing the bracelets because I do a lot of typing for my job, so I don’t wear them as often as I should.  I haven’t asked for Pandora in a while, so I was curious as to what this little box could be.

To my surprise and delight, I found this brass brothel token.  Though it would be nice to think that this was an actual token from a brothel in the late 1800s, I suspect it is more of a gag gift or souvenir from the 1950s, perhaps from a popular honeymoon spot.  Or maybe a popular brothel used these tokens for advertisements hoping to lure men into their establishments with promises of a good time.

What this token has going for it is the fact that edge is rough and the letters are stamped rather than raised lettering.  Raised lettering and smooth edges can be a sign of a reproduction with these types of coins.  I’ve seen this exact coin online and some people say it is a reproduction and some people say it is authentic.  I could not find any information stating that Dotty’s House was a real place in California.  In any case, it is a fun item to keep in my purse, even though Dotty is spelled incorrectly (I spell my name as Dottie).  If anyone on the west coast can shed some light on this item, I’d love to hear from you.

Could this be a start of a new collection? Lord, I hope not.  I have enough collections (said no collector ever)…hahaha.

In the coming days I plan on taking photos of some of the other items Gary gave me for my birthday as well as the gifts we exchanged for Christmas.

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