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Upcycled Snowflake Saw


I thought I added this blog post weeks ago.  I guess I had started it but never finished it…LOL.  Better late then never, I suppose.

I came across a similar project while looking at Pinterest a couple of months ago, and figured hubby had a saw that he could spare.  He has a ton of old tools, which we will finally start selling in our booth at the Port City Co-op this weekend…yeh!

This saw already had a lot of off-white specs of paint on it, so all I did was wash it with soap and water, dried it well, then stenciled some snowflakes on it with some chalk paint.  I used FolkArt Chalk Paint in Sheepskin.  It’s a great color when you want an off-white shade. It’s pretty much my “go to” white for any rustic looking project.

After the snowflakes dried, I sealed it with varnish and then added the bow and rusted jingle bells.  I also varnished the back so that any rust would not rub off on the walls. (You could also just use the clear wax, if you like.  The varnish just gives more of a water resistant finish in case you will be displaying outdoors).  The snowflakes still seemed a little too white and bright, so I rubbed on a little antiquing wax to make it look a little older.  I’ve decided to keep it displayed for the remainder of the winter.

I’ve posted affiliate links below to many of the items I used for this project. As a side note, the stencils I have purchased from StudioR12 have been excellent quality.  I have quite a few in my collection now.  The Martha Stewart stenciling sponges are my absolute favorite.  They wash well and dry fast.  So far they have held up well and I have washed a couple of them more than six times.


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