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Upcycled Alphabet Blocks

I acquired a large crate of alphabet blocks a couple of months ago and thought it would be a good opportunity to put together some projects for the Christmas Holiday.

The tree on the right says “Joy”, “Noel”, “Peace” and “Merry”.  Each row of letters was glued together with wood glue.  I used a small bar clamp to make sure the glue would adhere to each block well.  Once the glue had dried for each word, I glued the words together to make a tree shape.  A plus sign is the trunk of the tree and a block that had stars on one side is the tree topper.

You may remember the bottle brush trees I posted about a while back (you can view that post here).  I still have some left, although I’m not sure if the one I glued to the “M” block is really a bottle brush tree.  It’s very stiff and reminds me of the more lifelike trees my grandfather had on his model train set.  This tree had a crisscross base, so I just hot-glued it to block.  When these little trees are grouped together, they really make a nice statement and can be displayed all winter, in my opinion.


The above Snowman project was created by gluing the blocks together and then I added a vintage tree topper, or at least I think it’s a tree topper.  The tree is a cardboard cone with garland wrapped around it.  Inside the cone there is a cutout so you can put a Christmas light in it which would illuminate the bulb on the top pf the tree.

I found a wooden snowman at the craft store and painted him up and hot glued him to the blocks.  I spread Weldbond glue on top of the blocks sprinkled craft snow on top and let it dry.  I think it turned out cute.

For your convenience, below are some affiliate links to items that are similar to the ones I used for this project.


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