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Bottle Brush Trees

Yesterday I promised to show you what I did with the door knobs that I cleaned.  I have several bottle brush projects planned and thought I would be able to show you more than this one project today, but alas, I am behind schedule.  I hope to have more pictures to show you this weekend.

If you missed the door knob post, you can view it here.

I can’t remember where I originally saw this (probably Pinterest), but when I went back to search for this online, I couldn’t find it, so here is my version.


After cleaning the door knobs, I hot glued the trees into the door knobs.  In most cases, I removed the existing wooden bases the trees were in.  One of the knobs was missing a piece, so I just glued the wood on top of the porcelain knob.


I think they are simply darling and are for sale in our booth at the Port City Co-op, 137 W. 2nd St., Oswego, NY.


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