Garage Sale Finds

Garage Sale Finds #2

This post contains affiliate links to some of my favorite products.

Though we spent Saturday morning working hard in our booth to get it decorated for the Christmas holiday, we stopped at a couple of sales on the way home.

Garage Sales are getting few and far between with the autumn weather finally taking hold in Central New York.  After drought conditions this summer, it has rained nearly everyday for the past two weeks. At least there will be a few indoor estate sales, online auctions and thrift store shopping to keep me happy until spring.

After we left the shop, we headed to a barn sale, that turned out to be a guy who regularly sells to flea market vendors.  When I heard that, I wasn’t sure if there would be anything good left in our price range, but we did find a few things.

My favorite find was this box of bottles that I got for $5.00.  They are pretty dirty, so I hope I can get them clean enough so they will look good on display.


The tall ketchup bottle on the left has this black sludge inside.  I don’t know if it’s paint, oil or just dirt.  I haven’t done any research on these bottle yet.  I think they will have to be cleaner before I can read any markings on the bottles.


The most interesting bottle in this box was the Union Beverage bottle above. It says Rochester, NY on the back.  I couldn’t find any definitive information about this company, at the time of this writing.  I found a couple for sale on eBay from between $7-$10, but I couldn’t find any that had sold recently.  If it cleans up nice, I will ask $5 for it in the shop.


At this same sale, I found this cute green dustpan for $1 that still has a lot of great color to it.  I think it will make a lovely Christmas decoration.  I will be sure to post a picture when I get it finished.

I also found this interesting large wire basket.  I forgot to take a picture of it, but I think it’s about 3′ long and maybe 14″ wide and deep.  I think it will make a nice addition to a spring garden display for the shop.  It was only $6, so I couldn’t pass it up.

Not far from home, we stopped at another sale and I purchased a vintage wall drying rack and a plastic candy garland from a lovely old woman who liked to talk….a lot….LOL.

I’m annoyed with myself, because I didn’t make sure that the drying rack was completely intact before paying $10 for it.  When you attach it to the wall, the mechanism for holding the rack up, so that it can be used, is missing.  Gary will see if he can figure out how to make it work, and if so, I will just use it at home for drying hand-washed delicate items.  If we can’t use it, maybe I can turn it into something else.

The woman who sold me the candy garland didn’t know how old it was, but said it was old when she bought it 15-20 years ago.  It measures about 95″ long and was a bargain at only $5.  There are several styles on eBay and I think it’s worth between $12-$15.  As much as I’d like to keep it, I should probably sell it as it really doesn’t go with any of the Christmas decorations that I have.



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