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McDougall Cabinet Redo

Back in June, I found the perfect hoosier style cabinet and it came with a coordinating porcelain top table and four wooden chairs.  I purchased it from Anne who owns the Curator of Cool shop in Baldwinsville, NY.  She specializes in mid-century furniture and accessories, but you never really know what treasures she will find.  I see something new every time I visit, and lately, that is nearly every week. Anne doesn’t keep regular business hours, but will post on her Facebook page when she is open (usually at some point every weekend). You can also schedule an appointment to stop by any time and if her van is there, you may be able to stop in also, as she is in and out most days, loading up for deliveries or dropping newly discovered treasures off.


The photo above was taken by Anne and is what the set looked like when I purchased it.  The McDougall cabinet was painted white and green, so it didn’t quite match the table as the table top is yellow and green. I believe this set was manufactured by McDougall in the late 1930s or early 1940s. Probably one of the last to be manufactured because built-in kitchen cabinets became more popular in kitchen design.

I’m sure some people might think I’m crazy.  I sold a solid oak Amish made dining room set that sat 6 (up to 10) to make room for this set. The old dining room set was gorgeous, but no longer my style, and it was way too big and heavy for the space.  I will also gain much needed storage with the addition of this hoosier style cabinet.

The chairs needed to be re-glued and the cabinet needed a little work, but all in all it is a solid, sturdy piece. I wanted to try and restore this set to the original colors.  A light sanding is all that was needed to discover that the cabinet was indeed painted yellow and green previously and matched the green on the table and chairs.

I decided to use Valspar Signature interior paint + primer tinted to two of their National Historic Preservation colors that closely matched the original colors of these pieces.  The green is called La Fonda Plaza Green # 5007-6B and the yellow is called Homestead Resort Tea Room Yellow # 3004-4B. I love making chalk paint with this brand of paint because of it’s low odor.  It also goes on so nicely and looks amazing once it’s been waxed. This 2-step process may take more time, but I like the look better than just a satin or high-gloss paint.  The paint I purchased at Lowe’s, but I will post affiliate links below for the other products I used for this product.


Above is the finished product, complete with antique wax over the clear wax.  After it was painted, it looked a little too new, so I thought some brown wax in random places would make the set look aged.


The cabinet is perfect to house my newly acquired pyrex collection (Spring Blossom Green from 1972 & the re-design from 1979). I also have a vintage yellow KitchenAid® mixer from the 1970s. It’s amazing how some painted furniture and antique enamelware on the walls can brighten up dark paneling.

If you’d like to see a close-up of the red kitchen cart, I wrote a post about that here.  You can read my post on Homemade Chalk Paint here.

As promised, following are some of the products I used for this project.


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