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Updated Kitchen

It doesn’t take a lot of money to really change the look of a kitchen. Our house is very 80s.  Lots of paneling and an open floor plan for the kitchen, living room and dining area. I’d love to change the paneling, but would have to do the whole area at one time or I fear it won’t look right.  Maybe I should just take it one area at a time, and ignore that fear.

Last October, I took the plunge and painted our kitchen a bright red called ‘Flaming Embers’.  I was so scared before I started.  I kept telling myself that it’s only paint.  If I hated it, I could paint it a different color.  But I hate to waste money as much as I hate to waste time, so it took me a few weeks to get up the nerve and settle on a paint color.
When we bought our home in 2001, there was a tiny floral print in the kitchen that was so 80s, I thought I was still in grade school visiting my grandparents in their ranch house in North Carolina.  I immediately painted over it with a pale green.  It was an improvement, but I didn’t feel it did anything special for the space.  The only painted areas are above and below the cabinets, so not a lot of room to work with.

Here is the before and after, going from the pale green paint to the red paint.


I can’t believe how much I love the new color.  And I feel it made the cabinets looks better too.  One day I might paint the cabinets, as new ones are not likely in the near future.  But for now, I am happy with how this turned out.

When I decided to paint the kitchen, I thought it was time to put some of my enamelware collection to work and decorate above the cabinets.  There are a few other items mixed in that are copper and painted metal.

I’d really like to find a different light fixture for the kitchen.  I’d love for you to share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

Below are some of the items I found really helpful when I repainted the kitchen.  I’ve included affiliate links for your convenience.

I use the Frog Tape nearly everyday.  I use it to label containers, storage bags and aluminum foil wrapped foods in the freezer.  The hangers I use a lot in the shop and in our home.  You don’t need a hammer and they just push into the wall. These smaller foam rollers are great for painting furniture too and they wash out much easier than the larger fuzzy rollers, so you can reuse them more often.


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