Garage Sale Finds

Garage Sale Finds #1

Periodically I will show pictures of interesting garage/estate sale finds and post pictures here.  This is the first in the series.  I hope you enjoy.

A few weeks back I found these adorable ceramic planters at different sales.  I think this is the start of a new collection for me…LOL.

This first planter is a green ceramic frog.  Isn’t he adorable?

There are no chips or imperfections that I can find.  There are also no markings on the bottom, but I found a picture of what looks to be the same type of planter in a McCoy book I had from the library.  I’ve read that some McCoy items may not be marked, or at least the mark may not be visible depending on how old the mold was when they made the piece.

I found this planter on a dark shelf in the basement of an estate sale for $5.00.  I’ve seen these on eBay selling between $6-$10 + freight. They are $20 and up on Etsy.  For now, he is staying with me.

I am an avid bird lover, so I had to get this little peach planter when I saw it for a $1.00 on a shelf with lots of bottles and vases.  It was the 3rd day for this sale, so I didn’t have high hopes for finding anything of value, but we ended up with several bottles and jars and I think Gary got a couple of old hand tools.

There are no markings on this planter either and it’s in perfect condition.  It’s going between $10-$20 online.  For now, this little lady is keeping my frog company.

Cleaning these planters was fairly easy since they were in pretty good shape, but I had to use a bottle brush to get inside some of the crevices inside.  I also love Magic Erasers to help remove marks on glass, ceramics and even wood.  I’ve included some affiliate links for your convenience, for some of my favorite cleaning items.


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