Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures #5

Saw a lot of good stuff this past weekend, but I decided to be selective in what I bought, although now I wish I had bought a couple of things….LOL. They say you never regret what you buy, just what you don’t buy. Read more…

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Chalk Painted Stand – A Makeover

I found this stand at a Thrifty Shopper that I don’t normally get to frequent last summer. It was only $4.99, if I am remembering correctly. The top was very rough and someone had carved a flower in one of the legs, but it is solid wood and made very well. Read more…

Kitchen · Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures #2

I will be glad when garage sale and flea market season starts again. Another bust in the way of finding treasures this past weekend. It’s so hard when we have had unusually warm weather off and on the past couple of weeks and then it gets cold and snowy on the weekends. I have spring fever so bad, it’s ridiculous! Read more…